Catwoman #25 Preview

If you have been enjoying  the “Zero Year” and can’t get enough of it then you’re in luck. The Catwoman series is having a “Zero Year” issue as well. Spoiler Alert!  Here are some images of  Catwoman #25 . In this comic we see a younger Selena Kyle getting her feet wet in her early adventures of being Catwoman.

An untold tale of Catwoman in this tie-in to BATMAN: ZERO YEAR! Journey back to Selina’s early days as a thief, and find out why she’s always worked alone!

Love the overall art of this comic. I hope with getting this flash back we will get a break from the off the wall garbage we have been seeing in her normal running series. Written by John Layman and art by Aaron Lopresti.  Catwoman #25 hits stores 10/27/13

Source- Comic Vine




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