Batman Vs. Superman – WHO WINS

by Kayla Ann
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So, I’m assuming by now you’ve heard the AWESOME news, right? The Batman/Superman movie expected to be due sometime in 2015! So this brings me to the heated question:

If Batman and Superman were to ever face off, who would win? Now, while I expect you to go full geek for this debate, be sure to think clearly. If, of course, that’s possible.

If you’ve seen the animated movie The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2, you’ll have seen one person’s vision of how that fight would go. Superman “won”, but Bruce had a few tricks up his sleeve and started rebuilding the Bat Cave. As it turns out, nobody actually won. But if we were to make these two square off, let’s see what each is up against.


  • He has gadgets. Like… A ridiculous amount. And you never know what he’ll invent next.
  • He has vehicles that can do almost anything. (I say almost because I’ve personally never seen the Batmobile make pancakes or grill some ribs. But, who knows?)
  • Crazy martial arts training, and not just one kind. He’s one of the most trained men on the planet.
  • He can’t fly, per se, but he has special capes and cowls that can be turned into a glider. Close, right?
  • He’s rich. Which essentially puts the world at his fingertips.
  • Mortal. Which means bullets can get through, or a hard enough beating can take its toll.


  • He has super powers. X-Ray vision, he can fly, can breathe in outer space, ice breath. You name it, this guy probably has it.
  • He isn’t quite immortal, but he can outlive several decades of people before aging.
  • He doesn’t need to be rich. He has an ice mansion that nobody knows about, and doesn’t need all the gadgets that Batman does.
  • He’s impervious to just about anything, except Kryptonite.

So, these two meet up, chests puffed out, and they start to fight. You’d think that Superman would just one-shot the Bats, right? Alas, thanks to Batman’s intelligence and ability to think ahead, he’s probably one of the few that has a small amount of Kryptonite just hanging around.



So this puts them on even ground. Now they’re just two mortal men, duking it out. This is where you come in!

Let me know what I missed in the comparisons, and tell us who you think would win!

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