Justice League: Targeting Youngsters

Recently, a TV spot announcing the availability of Justice League merchandise at Target has appeared online.  The commercial depicts a mother figure contacting the Justice League via cell phone call.  The Justice League, spearheaded by Superman, rushes into the store, and collects items for the mother to purchase, just before Batman swoops in and transports her to the register.  Like the mother figure’s would-be child, the Justice League has no money to purchase the items they have selected, but luckily, the woman brandishes her Target card, which ultimately saves the day.

Some available Justice League figures

One should not be surprised at the existence of a superhero-themed merchandise commercial, since such advertising is not uncommon.  However, when considering what seems to be the certainty of a live-action Justice League film appearing in 2015, one may ponder as to whether or not such a commercial is geared toward children for purposes regarding ensuring that these young ones are excited to see their little plastic figures come to life on the silver screen.  Call me crazy, but if I was twelve years old again, and I saw this commercial, I would be clawing at the heels of my mother, begging her to take me to Target for a Batman figure or lunchbox; surely, the commercial is effective and clear in its message that Target can suit your child’s Justice League needs.  Yet, what happens when your child has been playing with a handful of Justice League figures for a year or two, and he or she realizes that the live action superhero film is about to hit theaters, presumably complete with Superman, Batman, and perhaps Wonder Woman, Flash, and the rest of the crew?  From a marketing standpoint, the notion that this JL commercial is linked to the impending JL film is not completely unfathomable.

What do you think?  Might Warner Brothers or DC Comics groom youngsters with this merchandise, in preparation for the impending film?  Is this advertisement a small part, or the small beginnings, of a Justice League marketing campaign that will continue until the release of the film?  Regardless of what the answers to these questions might be, are you itching for the Justice League film?  Or would you rather not see Superman and Batman onscreen together?


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