Batman References Will Not Be In Man Of Steel

We all want a shared DC Cinematic Universe not unlike how the Marvel cinematic universe movies had a big shared universe that was building up to the Avengers movie.  It’d be great seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes having references to other on the big screen, with a sense that this world is connected with other heroes and other adventures. However, today it was confirmed there will be no Batman references in the upcoming Man of Steel movie.   Yet it seems writer David S. Goyer,  Producer Charles Roven, as well as direct Zack Synder have no plans of creating a shared DC universe Man of Steel, citing the need to focus solely on the world of Superman for now. Specifically they said that the movie will not mention Gotham City nor it’s famous hero Batman in Man of Steel.  Goyer says “I don’t think so” as Roven follows up with the idea they want to focus solely on Superman at the moment, and not jump the gun so to speak with making mention to other famous DC cities and heroes. They want to focus on “This character, and this world.” and the idea of setting up for more at the moment seems like a daunting task. While we continue to wait on news for a Justice League movie, what do you think? Are you annoyed or glad that Batman and Gotham City won’t be mentioned in of Man of Steel? Some people would be glad they’re just focusing on Superman after the end of the Nolan trilogy, while others may be more annoyed there won’t be any reference to the Dark Knight.

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Source: ComicBookMovie.Com

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