PREVIEWS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #20: Reliving Jason’s memories

This week’s Red Hood & The Outlaws continues the quest with the new team on the title and the aftermath of Joker tampering with Jason’s Red Hood helmet.  What makes this title unique from most in the New 52 is the use of flashbacks in the story to retell their new history and connect to the current events.  Past flashbacks have including Dick Grayson in an older Nightwing costume talking to Jason which the Nightwing costume was recolored in the trade, Jason talking to Starfire, Dick Grayson and Jason talking and more.  In this preview, we see the Robin costume seen in other Batman titles in the case on Jason with more Jason highlights of his past.  The solicits also talk about the League of Assassins, and with teasers recently of Cheshire and Bronze Tiger coming to Red Hood soon, odds are they may appear this issue.

Will we see Cheshire & Bronze Tiger?  Who will be in the New 52 League of Assassins?  What will the flashback with Jason and Roy tell us about their current relationship?  What else will we see of Jason’s past?

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Source: Crave Online

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