PREVIEWS: Catwoman #20-Escalate

With the previews of this issue, it appears it is a transition to wrap up the Justice League of America tie-in with Arkham Asylum as well as lead into the Catwoman Annual and next storyline with Penguin.  Penguin has been seen recently in Detective Comics with more violent tendencies which may not hold well for his meeting with Catwoman.  Of course with jewels in the picture, Catwoman can’t resist.  The annual references Catwoman having a “master”, and the Penguin story being a Cat vs bird war, so this issue’s title of Escalate may be just that.



What will come out of Catwoman’s time in Arkham?  Will we get any spoilers of upcoming events in Justice League of America?  What will be the events that start the Cat vs Bird War?

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Source: Newsarama

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