Infinite Crisis Profiles Gaslight Catwoman and Poison Ivy

Infinite Crisis, WB’s forthcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), now profiles the Steampunk version of our favorite feline femme fatale and the villainess with a killer attachment to plants, Poison Ivy. Click the jump to see more.

Let me do another roll call of what characters have been featured in a Champion Spotlight so far. We have Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Doomsday, and the alternate forms of the Bat, Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Batman. It seems like WB has decided to step it up this week with a couple of female characters and an added bonus is that they’re Batman characters.

This week, we’ve got the Gaslight Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Now, it was definitely jarring to see the costume choice for Gaslight Catwoman, but then again, you guys should see Gaslight Joker. Turbine is playing around with these alternate dimensions. They are very, very different from the characters we know. Gaslight Catwoman looks like she’s sporting a pinkish/purplish leotard and boots, garters, a costume cat mask, a frilly little train, and a long braided ponytail. Though jarring at first, I’m starting to realize that it’s somewhat reminiscent of the 1950’s Catwoman costume. Still though, it’s different. I was so taken aback by the costume choice, I wasn’t really paying attention to her moveset. I think it has something to do with being stealthy and quick with extensive use of those oversized claws. In which case, I’m not so sure because her fight animation was very slow. I wish they would have gone a different route with Gaslight Catwoman the way they did for Gaslight Batman, but I guess we’ll just have to see how they’re going to vary it for regular Catwoman.

I’ve been waiting for Poison Ivy since we peeped her in the profile for Zatanna. I was already enamored with her tentacles being added to a character with no real combat skills, but now seeing her up close, I’m also really digging the costume. It’s like a green leotard with leaves, but the leaves are continuously animated and moving, sort of a good reflection of the movement of real leaves in the wind. That’s pretty cool. Also, her versatility is greatly appealing, being that she can be both a support character and standalone offensive character. Though, I didn’t quite get the giant monstrous plant, I do love her ultimate. It’s kinda cool that she can summon a meadow that hurts her opponents and heals her allies. So far, if I ever play this game, I think I’ve found my character in Ivy.

Turbine Studios are currently developing Infinite Crisis. There is no set release date for the game, but Beta testing begins May 8. You can sign up here.

How do you feel about the costume choice for Gaslight Catwoman? Interested in Poison Ivy as much as I am? Let me know.

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Source – Infinite Crisis YouTube Channel

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