Batwoman Annual Coming Soon?

On Twitter recently, there was talk between JH Williams and Dan Didio about Batwoman Annual, and it sounds like it may be a done deal.  Gotham Spoiler theory is that October is the next 5 week month, so it could be October when we see the 1st Batwoman Annual.  We have seen Batman, Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, Batgirl, & Catwoman all have annuals so far in the New 52/DCnU, so if the Batwoman title continues, it does makes sense that it may be one of the next Batman Family titles.

What are your thoughts about Batwoman getting an annual?  What characters to you want to see used?  Do you think it will tie-in to a story line or be self-contained.

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Source: J.H. Williams III, Dan Didio

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