Ultimate Batfan Builds His Own Batcave

There are some impressive Batman collections out there. Some of the more obsessed and more affluent of us Batfans have went to  great lengths to create something memorable. Most times Batfans prefer to create replica Batmobiles, which are all wonderful, but imagine your very own Batcave. Click the jump to see more.

Ultimate Batfan (it’s difficult to dispute this title after seeing this) Chris Weir of Middletown, Delaware is a huge Batman fanatic, amassing a very impressive Batman collection, having started early in his childhood. It seems that this collection simply wasn’t enough for him. Unwittingly ascending beyond any Batfans’ wildest dreams, this magnificent person has created his very own Batcave.

Take a look:

As mentioned, this Batcave home theatre set him back $100,000. Though it seems like a small price to pay after seeing the look on his face as he admires his creation. It seems the centerpiece of the Batcave itself, excluding his props and costume, is the entrance, attempting to replicate the 1960’s Batman TV show entrance, even tracking down a replica Shakespeare bust to conceal the button. Personally, I was much more enthusiastic about that Batman Grandfather clock. That thing is beautiful.

You know…  he could have easily turned the basement into his BatManCave and added a bar and a pool table, but instead opted for something his family can enjoy as well. This man is doing the Lord’s work by raising the next generation of Batfans. I wonder… how do you think this guy feels about about adopting a 23 year-old Batfan like myself?

Are you as impressed with his Batcave as I am? Any Batman-themed dreams you’ve yet to fulfill? Let me know.

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Source  – Barcroft Media (Via Oddity Central)

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