Bradford Batman Unmasked

Batman is a symbol, an idea. It could be anyone under the mask.  Even in the comics, Batman has always been portrayed as a mantle, it’s meant to serve a purpose, and many people have dawned the cowl.  However, in real life, dressing up like a comic book character and stopping crime is kind of a big thing, so the identity of the Bradford Batman was revealed in just a few days time since his act of heroism by the BBC.  ‘Batman’ had brought in a wanted man to the Trafalgar House Police Station and became a bit of an overnight sensation, and it has been finally revealed who was that Masked Manhunter under the cowl. Batman is actually …dramatic drum roll…Stan Worby a 39 year old Chinese Take -out delivery guy from  the Wyke area of Bradford.  At the time, he and his friend were going to the Captial One Cup Final game in Bradford, and he had dressed as The Batman as a sort of joke. Worby had this to say about the incident.

…I got back at about one o’clock and dropped the minibus off and got into my car and went down and picked him up….I didn’t bother getting changed, I just took him down as Batman, obviously it was a joke between me and him….I’m shocked, I didn’t expect all this (publicity) – at the end of the day it was just a joke between me and him.

Mr. Worby’s apparent only regret about delivering Justice dressed as the Batman was that apparently he looked fat in the suit.

Stan Worby in his normal clothes.


I’ve got my full tracksuit underneath. I’m not just wearing this [the costume] – it’s too thin.

Source: BBCHuffington Post

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