Batwing’s New Writers Speak About The Title

by Andrew Lococo
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Batwing is getting two new writers and an artist in April, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palimotti whom are known for their run on All Star Western. CBR recently sat them down to get some info on what they have planned for the Batman of the Congo. They were asked why it is they in particular were drawn to the Batwing title to begin with.

We really enjoyed the book, but Batwing was getting the least attention of the Bat line. We hope with changes and additions, Batwing can be a very exciting book 1361825253in the Batman universe…We felt Batwing was missing a direct and important connection to the Bat Family. Speaking from the outside looking in as a reader and a fan, the differences between “Batman Incorporated” and Batwing (in his own book) felt disconnected, almost as if they were two different people in the same uniform. As a result, we instinctively began looking for a new way to present Batwing — and as it worked out, we settled on a new person inside the uniform….This new Batwing is dangerous, fun and a wild man in and out of the suit. We saw this as a chance to take the book in a new direction and have major fun with it.

Gray and Palimotti hinted at the future changes ahead not only for Batwing, but for his extended cast as well.  David Zavimbe will be put through the wringer in the issues they’ll pen.

 Issue #19 deals with the main characters. There is a death in the Batwing family that has an effect on the main character. David has had a lot going on and those closest to him have been pulling him in many different directions within the series. In #19, David deals with each of these things and steps to a place where he can finally look at who he is and try to get everything around him to make sense. There is a lot going on in this issue and change is the key word.

They also discussed Batwing’s brand new armor, which readers got to see in it’s full glory this week in Batwing #18

It’s less armor and more of a new function suit made for someone else…We discussed a number of ways to make Batwing different from the other Bat titles and one of those is the uniform. Technology plays a role in the story as well as the character’s origins, but we’re working from the angle that Batwing needs to keep modifying the uniform to suit his needs and not the other way around.

With their first new arc, both Gray and Palmioti were both eager to share what ideas they have planned for their first arc.

Issue #19 is all about David dealing with his issues and Batman himself. Issue #20 is about — damn, I can’t say yet, but it’s not what you may think. Everything on some level is new and for a good reason. This is not a reboot, it is a natural progression and Batman himself is there to help…That’s a good way to put it, not a reboot, but a logical progression. The uniform is going to an unexpected person, but when it happens, it will make perfect sense.

Batwing has currently been introducing new villains for Batwing every arc, but both writers feel that this trend is going to subside when they start working on the title.

1361825064We never throw good things away and at the same time, we like to give our heroes new problems. We are taking what works best and running with it, but at the same time introducing some new conflicts… We’ve had numerous discussions about the craft, format and style of superhero stories — what works, what doesn’t and it isn’t enough to just introduce a threat. The threat has to be personal and exists in order to make the hero better. This book is going to take a change in direction.

They had a few closing thoughts on what they have planned for Batwing, as they want him to be a major part of not only the Bat-family, but the DC Universe at large.

Short and long term is to triple the audience for the book, open up the world that Batwing exists in and write a character that not only is a key player in the Bat Universe, but the entire DCU. We really have something up our sleeves here and plan to go places no one sees coming…The short term goal is to get people excited about Batwing and the new direction the book is taking. The long term is to help build and solidify an important member of the Batman mythology.

Gray and Palimotti’s run on Batwing begins April 3th when Batwing #19 hits the shelves.

Source: CBR

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