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The Scarecrow has drugged Gotham City and Batman is out of commission, how will Gotham be saved? Batman: The Dark Knight #15 preview, click the jump to see more.

PLOT: Batman’s final fight with Scarecrow is here! The Dark Knight has been drugged and beaten, but now he’s going to stop Scarecrow’s plans as he takes to the skies over Gotham City!

Fortunate for me, I’ve found them. Unfortunately, these images never came out for promotions and these are super late previews. Eh! We must all be grateful for what we have and find.

Apparently, Scarecrow’s new drug is so strong that not even Lucius Fox can make an antidote in time to save Gotham City from completely tearing itself apart. This is believed to another filler issue or at least a nice concluding issue to the final act of Gregg Hurwitz’s (current writer of Batman: The Dark Knight) Scarecrow story arc. Issue #15 will be the last issue, and hopefully will shine this time around.

Check out the preview down below.

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