The New 52’s Catwoman has been bombing as of late, and well…DC Comics hasn’t been trying to help the book. So, let’s try to see who should/could write Catwoman. Click the jump to see more.

It’s far to say that Ann Nocenti (current writer of Catwoman) has been given a far amount of chances at this point. Right now, she’s drowning the cat and bringing a lot of Catwoman fans with her. Most fans have dropped the book due to Nocenti’s poor direction of writing the character and DC Comics believes that as long as Nocenti is a female writer writing a female solo book; everything is A- F***$%G OK. The whole reason for putting Nocenti on the book is to divert from the sexist claims that sparked during Judd Winick’s (former writer of Catwoman) run on the character, which portrayed Catwoman as nothing more than a sexualized character. Here’s the thing, just because Nocenti is a female writer doesn’t mean she knows how to write for Catwoman. Point blank and friggin’ simple. For those who don’t know, here are the problems that have come with Nocenti:

  1. Doesn’t know how to write for the character. 
  2. Gave Catwoman a craptastic origin that feels like a rip-off from Batman Returns (1992).
  3. She has turned Catwoman into a reckless thief who bitches about nothing.

At this point, it’s just self explanatory. Catwoman has died and won’t be back for some time now. Instead of, whining about how poor Nocenti is at writing the character. Let’s also state this, Winick started this crap! He started off nicely and then it all turned to crap towards the end of his run. Nocenti was pushed to write this character by DC Comics so when you don’t feel for the character as a writer, all you can do is muck up whatever was already f*&%$ed up! It’s really not her fault, but Catwoman bitching and giving her an unbelievable rip-off of an origin that is now canon; it seems to be Nocenti’s greatest let downs.

So, where should we go from here. What are the solutions to this pulsating tumor that grows each month as a new Catwoman issue comes out and disappoints the crap out of us? Well, for one get a new writer. It’s not easy to get a new writer first of all. You want a writer who understands the character, who has done female solo books before, and has a little bit of love for Catwoman. Now, these suggestions are purely based upon one person’s opinion so you can add to this list with your comments below. Here’s a few writers who can help out this Catwoman book.

  1. Gail Simone– Why, oh, why hasn’t DC Comics wised up and got this woman to do the book? She’s done Birds of Prey and Secret Six which are both still celebrated by fans until this day? She can obviously write Catwoman since Batgirl Annual is the best written Catwoman story of The New 52’s. Catwoman is a bad ass character as well as an anti-hero, of course, Simone has experience in this department with Secret Six and Birds of Prey. Why hasn’t this hit DC in the face yet? They’re practically sitting on a goldmine.
  2. Greg Rucka– Yes, he’s out of the DC and Marvel game. However, if the man was still hanging around. He would murder Catwoman. Just murder the book and turn it into a classic with his strong independent female character writing. MURDER!
  3. Ed Brubaker– He’s done Catwoman before and for most fans, he’s given the best stories for Catwoman pre-New 52’s. Get him back.
  4. Paul Dini– Of course, the man who wrote Hush and Gotham Sirens why not? He has a liking for female characters in the Batman Universe and he writes them well. Dini has written for DC before and his books are still celebrated and the most sought after. Hell, fans want a movie made out of Hush plus he has written for the Batman: Arkham games as well. Those are still be played even now. Oh yea, he’s also one of the writers who worked on Batman: The Animated Series. If this guy doesn’t scream, I don’t know what will. 
  5. Dennis Hopeless- Who is this guy? Well, he’s from Marvel. Yeah…let’s all take a stroll to the dark side for a moment. Marvel is the hugest competition, but they have been selling like crazy because they can bring old characters into the 21st century unlike DC Comics. Now, why Hopeless? Well, he’s (since Marvel has noticed yet or will) their version of Scott Snyder for Marvel. Oh yea, this guy writes really friggin’ well. He’s writing Cable and the X-Force and Avengers Arena and those books are going to become classics in no time. The best thing about Hopeless is that he likes to write about female characters who have smart mouths and who back it up with an upper cut. His female characters are modernized and people can identify and enjoy the characters. This sounds a bit like our Catwoman doesn’t it? If you’re not convinced you should read his Image book called Gear Head. It’s good! It scream bad ass girls! If we ever brought him over to DC, his version of Catwoman will be the most up-to-date Batman character in the Batman universe. This is what DC really needs…an update or a twist to these characters. He’s the man for the job.

Remember, this is the opinion of one person. If you’re digging Nocenti’s run on Catwoman let us know why in the comments section. If you’re not and you think you know a writer who can take over this book and save it. Let us know in the comments. Ultimately, Catwoman is suffering and no one is doing anything about it yet. We as fans have a right to express or even change what’s going on at DC Comics. Well, more so express than to change, but you never know who’s watching. BIG BROTHER DC!

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