What to expect from Arrow‘s Huntress. Will she be a hero? A villain? Or just a beautiful face in Kelvar. Click the jump to see.

What to expect from Arrow’s Huntress. Andrew Kreisberg(producer of Arrow) tells us what to expect from this character in Entertainment Weekly: 

When you watch the episode, someone close to Oliver is almost killed by the Huntress’ actions and that sets him on his quest. So it’s kind of interesting because in some ways he’s seeking revenge and then he collides with somebody else who’s entire reason for being is revenge. And what’s interesting is that Oliver is on autopilot in some respects as far as his mission. Everything is about the mission and righting his father’s wrongs. And it’s only until he bumps into this sad, damaged, angry but beautiful woman that he realizes how lonely he is and the toll that lying to everybody in his life is taking. So he’s going after a bad guy and he suddenly realizes that he has a lot more in common with her than just about anyone else in his family. That creates this amazing fun relationship for them.

There were other things, Geoff Johns spoke about Huntress:

  • She is still a Catholic and wears her cross on her suit in Arrow. 
  • Huntress is pinned as the opposite of Green Arrow in this series.
  • You will see Huntress in at least two episodes of this series (for episode 7 & 8).

Well, I’m getting excited. There are some who do not like Arrow due to the costume designs, which is actually one of the reasons I disliked Arrow to begin with. Huntress  will be appearing in episode 7 called “Muse Of Fire,” which introduces the character and is co-written by Geoff Johns. Episode 7 will appear on November 28th.

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Source- Entertainment Weekly 

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