Kevin Smith’s Batman Run Concluding in 2013

Earlier today on his Facebook, Kevin Smith announced that the 3rd part in his Batman comic, Batman: Bellicosity was coming to an end next year in the summer.  The trilogy features a new character that he wrote, Onomatopoeia, which Smith owns control over.

A few years back, DC Comics made my dream come true when they let me do a BATMAN comic book mini-series with one of my best friends – COMIC BOOK MEN Stash manager, Walt Flanagan.

“It started with BATMAN: CACOPHONY…

“It continued with BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE…

“And in 2013, the blood will run in the final chapter of the battle between Batman and Onomatopoeia …

Summer, 2013″

Those were posts from his Facebook as he announced his excitement and plans for the run.  Are there any fans of the series looking forward to this?  Sound off in the comments section below.


Source: Comic Book