J.H. Williams III is the man! He released his notes and images of his artwork process on Batwoman #13 cover. As a fan, I am a huge on seeing the artist’s notes on their artwork because it helps me see how they do their work. For those of you, who are aspiring comic book artists or artists; this is great for you! Here are some of his notes for for the colored & inked version of the cover:

Batwoman had yet to really use a dark cover, and there is a point in the story that lended well in going for something black and dark grey. Its at this stage that I added additional shapes into the background grabbed from the main centipede shape, this allowed for some needed layering to the composition. I hate relying on digital tricks like this, but sometimes its necessary. And its an idea that didn’t occur to me until the coloring stage…

Seriously awesome! If you want to know more about the process, click on the source link below to get to J.H. Williams’ blog.


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Source- J.H. Williams III blog 

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