Since the confirmation of The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray coming out on December 4th. There are more details that need to be addressed for this release. For those of you who might be getting only the Blu-ray or only the DVD. Here are some of the details that will come with these purchases.


  •  “THE BATMOBILE” DOCUMENTARY: Witness all five Batmobiles together for the first time in history. Dive deep into every aspect of the most awe-inspiring weapon in Batman’s arsenal as you journey through the birth and evolution of this technological marvel and cultural icon. (01:00)
  •  ENDING THE KNIGHT: A comprehensive look into how Director Christopher Nolan and his production team made “The Dark Knight Rises” the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend.
  • Production 
  1. The Prologue: High-Altitude Hijacking
  2. Return to the Batcave
  3. Beneath Gotham
  4. The Bat
  5. Batman vs Bane
  6. Armory Accepted
  7. Gameday Destruction
  8. Demolishing a City Street
  9. The Pit
  10. The Chant
  11. The War on Wall Street
  12. Race to the Reactor
  •  Characters
  1. The Journey of Bruce Wayne
  2. Gotham’s Reckoning
  3. A Girl’s Gotta Eat
  • Reflections
  1. Shadows & Light in Large Format
  2. The End of A Legend
  •  Trailers
  •  Art Galleries
  •  UltraViolet: Instantly stream and download films to compatible devices


  • The Journey of Bruce Wayne
  •  UltraViolet: Instantly stream and download films to compatible devices

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