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WHOA! I think all I can say is whoa! Catwoman #0‘s cover art has been changed to this lovely cover. This is not the only thing that has been changed, Judd Winick (writer) and Guillem March (artist) were the ones doing this issue. Apparently, since Catwoman has a new writer, Ann Nocenti, and new artist, Adriana Melo are now doing this issue. It seems that DC Comics has allowed Melo to make her own version of Catwoman. However, I am not knocking Melo but…Julio Ferreira is attached to this issue as well. Ferreira is also an artist and inker so he might be cleaning up Melo’s designs on the issue. Now, Ferreira may not be attached to Catwoman after Issue #0 but this issue might be a step in the right direction for a more enjoyable Catwoman only if Ferreira is attached.

Here’s the new cover art down below. Also, here’s the cover art from before for you to compare if you like the new cover art or not.

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Source- DC Comics 

Old Catwoman #0                              New Catwoman #0 



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