DC Comics Speaks On Things To Come For Batman

At FanExpo Canada yesterday, DC Comics‘ John Cunningham, Dan Didio, Greg Capullo, Jason Fabok, and David Finch talked about the near future of Batman in the comic world.  “We’re going to scare and frighten the s**t out of you all,”  Cunningham said in response to The Joker, “This is going to be Joker meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”  Sounds pretty interesting and frightening for the infamous laughing clown.  Finch stated that for Batman: The Dark Knight, each story would have its own individual arc but everything will tie together and he’s looking forward to proving himself to us and finally Finch added that Scarecrow will go “beyond the little Batman house” and continue to get bigger.  Other tidbits included: look forward to Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown in 52 but not too soon, a Red Robin solo series is in the works and a new origin for the Riddler

So it definitely sounds like everyone in the house is excited for what they are working on and passionate about what is coming to you which is good news (hopefully).  So for serious hardcore followers in the comic world, how do you like this news, do you like were things are headed?

Source: MTV Geek

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