I think one of the most awesome things that came out of the Batman Nolanverse is the high tech vehicles. The Tumbler, the Bat, and the Batpod. My favorite of all these vehicles is the Batpod. I’ve always wondered what if some dude actually sat down and designed one from scratch…oh yea someone has this guy! His name on Youtube is Tharesh Jose who is from Vietnam, now this is probably not the guy who designed it but hell it doesn’t matter because he’s ridin’ a Batpod. I love the Batpod because of the fact that it is an innovative version of a motorcycle, it’s kind of like your imagination just took a massive golden dump and said hail to a new age of motorcycles. The Batpod is the new age of motorcyles and I love motorcycles! I’m the kind of girl who goes up to a grizzly looking dude who looks like he could make a boulder bleed red and ask if I could sit on his motorcycle. I don’t have balls, I’m just too cute to deny. HA!

Anyway, I’m always looking for bikes to fit my small stature and this is definitely making me want to empty my savings account for this hot rod! I wonder if there’s anyone in America who could sell me a version of this in my height. Comment down below, on DKN Facebook, or on DKNewsCom (Twitter) on what you think of this make-shift version of the Batpod. Do you know anyone who has one or is making one around where you live?

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO DOWN BELOW TO SEE THIS BIKE IN ACTION! Warning: the front wheel does not rotate. Sadness…

Source- Youtube 



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