Since the Joker was rebooted by Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight, it is safe to assume that the Joker has become some what of a pop star. The whimsical, sadistic, crazed maniac without a plan has become a pop culture icon. He was always an icon, but with The Dark Knight movie he has been raised to a new level of maniac; a modern day realistic psychopath.  While on the topic of Grant Morrison and his thoughts on Batman. He shares his thoughts on the Joker  as well with writer, Gavin Edwards of Playboy Playground:

“I identify with the Joker to a certain extent—at least the way I write him, which is as this cosmic fool. He’s Batman’s perfect opposite, and because of that he’s as sexy as Batman, if not more so.  I quite like him, because he’s a pop star—he’s like Bowie.”

The perfect villain is one who is the exact opposite of the hero. For most Batman fans alike, the Joker is just as appealing to become as Batman for Halloween. As far as calling The Joker being sexy…I am sure tons of Harley Quinn fans love the charm of the Joker. The Joker is everything a perfect nemesis should be. He knows everything about Batman and how to destroy him, but as the perfect villain he only wants to crush and not kill. The reason behind the Joker’s actions is sometimes unclear, what we all can expect from him is a real challenge and morbid entertainment. He does not only push Batman, but also the fans to new regions what is considered to be reasonable and logically. Morrison shares his thoughts on the Joker’s personality over the years from the 1940’s to present:

“Okay, we’ve had all these varied versions of the Joker. Let’s say it’s the same person who just changes his head every day. I rationalized that by saying he’s supersane, the first man of the 21st century who’s dealing with this overload of information by changing his entire personality.”

Even when the Joker was tampered down for children, he was still perceived as maniacal. He has the ability to adapt to any situation. In his adaptation, the Joker has the chance to manipulate the situation. This makes him lethal and deadly. As Morrison described best, “he’s supersane,” which means the Joker is above sanity. He understands the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything that is done, made, and destroyed in the world. The fact that the Joker is aware of his super sanity, makes him even more unstoppable.  Just an unstoppable relentless force…now that is sexy as hell!

Is the Joker’s super sanity is what makes him awesome? Is he now the pop star sensation since The Dark Knight? Which era of the Joker do you prefer now (Heath Ledger), late 1980’s (Jack Nicholson), Cesar Romano, campy Joker comics, or the dark gritty version? Do you think that Morrison is right to relate the Joker as a pop star? What do you think is supersane? Comment below or on DKN Facebook .

Source- Playboy Playground  



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