Before you start shaking your head and saying “NO!” Grant Morrison who is a well known comic book writer for Marvel and DC Comics alike. He is known for rebooting X-Men and the Justice League of America. Morrision dabbles in using “magic, wild experiments with consciousness-tweaking substances and reported alien visitations” throughout his writing. I kind of find Morrison very ironically

Grant Morrison

amusing with his use of elements in comics especially his thoughts on Batman being gay. Morrison did an interview with Playboy Playground‘s Gavin Edwards on superheroes and his thoughts on the major superhero characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Magneto, The Invisibles, King Mob, Lord Fanny, and the Justice League. What was the most interesting, of course, was Batman. Morrison describes Batman to Edwards as:

“Gayness is built into Batman. I’m not using gay in the pejorative sense, but Batman is very, very gay. Obviously as a fictional character he’s intended to be heterosexual, but the basis of the whole concept is utterly gay. I think that’s why people like it. All these women fancy him and they all wear fetish clothes and jump around rooftops to get to him. He doesn’t care—he’s more interested in hanging out with the old guy and the kid.”

As Batman fans, we all know that Bruce/Batman is cut from a different cloth than other superheroes. He is a total package of vigilante bad ass, which is what we love about him. Morrison knows this and states that even though, Bruce/Batman is meant to be straight the ironic concept behind the cowl is that he is gay. When Morrison says “gay” he means it in a positive way away from a the derogatory implications of the gay term.

Really Morrison…Batman is gay? Bruce has every woman after him and then some. Still…when you think about it. Bruce has never had a long term committed relationship with any of them. No matter how interesting the women were Bruce kept his distance with all of them. His relationships have been mostly with the Robins and his confidant, Alfred. So…the fact that Bruce hangs more around with men and boys than attractive women, is Batman gay? Would it be any different if Batman hung more around women and girls, would that make him more straight? Or would this bring up more questions?

Comment below or on DKN Facebook about what you think of Morrison’s ironic concept of the cowl. If a vigilante billionaire who hangs out more with guys is more gay than a guy who hangs out with women?

Source- Playboy Playground via Comic Book Movie and Huffington 




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