The Night of the Owls event has begun and the fight for Gotham’s soul is at hand. The Talons are out to bring Gotham to its knees. Even though, The Night of the Owls takes place only in one night of total mayhem it is for certain that Batman and the Bat-family have their work cut out for them. Scott Snyder shares with Josh Kushins, his excitement and thoughts on The Night of the Owls: 

This is it, and now it’s really here! This is the night when the Court of Owls makes its move, sending close to 60 Talons out into the skies of Gotham, each with a deadly mission designed to help bring the city to its knees.

There’s another reason that phrase sticks with me, though. And that’s because the story itself is about time, about history. For one thing, with every Talon having come from a different era of Gotham’s past, they’ll be plenty of glimpses literally and figuratively into Gotham’s history, with a lot of shocking secrets from the past being revealed.

Gotham is a dark city, but with Scott Snyder it is about to become a much darker city. What Batman and the Bat-family do not understand is that there is much more evil within than anyone could have expected. The root of the city’s past is deeper, more corrupt, and definitely casts a bigger shadow over the people of Gotham than The Dark Knight’s. The Talons’ night will have grave and lasting effects over the city and the Bat-family after the night is out.

This week, Nightwing and Batman will be kicking it off April 18th. THE HUNT IS ON AND IT IS GOING TO BE SO DEADLY!

Are you excited to see some of your favorite Batman characters fight their biggest and deadliest villains? Which Talon design is your favorite? Do you think the Batman characters are matched equally with their Talon foes? Comment below or on DKN Facebook. To see more of the Talons and your favorite Batman characters go to The Hunt Is On album or  Release the Talons album.

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