Jared Leto Shares Great ‘Suicide Squad’ Parody Music Video

A good and important quality to have is to not take yourself too seriously, even if you are an Oscar winning actor. And that’s advice that Jared Leto seems to be taking for himself.

Being the newest and current Clown Prince of Crime in the DCEU, Leto’s Joker performance didn’t quite win over fans as Heath Ledger’s did in 2008. In fact, Suicide Squad as a whole wasn’t received very well, despite its higher than expected box office numbers and being an Oscar winning film for Best Makeup.

However, Leto isn’t letting the negative criticisms stop him from enjoying his time with the role and having fun with it. The YouTube channel the Hillywood Show, by filmmakers Hilly and Hannah Hindi, made a parody music video based on the relationship of Harley Quinn and Joker from the film. The video looks just like a professional quality music video, with great costumes and makeup worthy of the film itself.

The YouTubers tweeted at Jared Leto asking him to watch their video, and he tweeted it back out to his 3.53 million viewers. With a green heart no less.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think!



Chris Foti

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