New Storyboard Art Reveals Slightly Expanded Scene from ‘The Dark Knight’

It’s awesome these days that we can share information via the Internet. Of course, I could refer to the vast opportunities to really learn something useful to better your life, but this is a Batman website. So, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Stephen Forrest-Smith is an artist who works on concept art and storyboards for movies. Like many, he has a website. And like many, he’s wonderful enough to share some of those images to the Internet for fans to peruse. Instead of something from one of the more recent DC films, Stephen shared images from an oldie, but it is definitely a goodie.

He gave us what looks to be an expanded scene from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight from 2008. In the theatrical release, the scene we saw had Joker crashing a penthouse party, looking for Harvey Dent. Instead, he meets Rachel Dawes. After a brief confrontration with the Bats, Joker drops Rachel from the building, only for the Caped Crusader to leap into action and rescue her from plummeting to her doom. Unfortunately, they did plummet and landed on a taxi.

Here’s the scene to refresh your memory:

Apparently, the original scene made a little more sense. Batman did a lot more to slow the descent down than in the final footage. And the taxi that broke their fall received far more damage as well.

Take a look:

It seems like the editors were just trying to shave off some time where they could. Remember the finished project clocked in just over 2 1/2 hours, so they did what they could. It’s not entirely necessary to have kept those scenes, but it would have made the scene make a lot more sense.

What do you think? Would the movie have benefitted from the extra minute or two? Let me know.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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