Zack Snyder Shows Off New Batmobile

Director Zack Synder posted a tease(via his Vero account) of what the Batmobile will look like in Justice League.

If viewers thought that the Batmobile from Batman v Superman had too many guns, then get brace yourselves for more. The teaser image features the Batmobile armed to the teeth with a half-dozen guns and rocket launchers.

The Batmobile in ‘Justice League’

People can argue that Batman would need rocket launchers attached to the Batmobile. After all, it is not unusual for him to be in a situation where he needs to blow up a wall or some big object. However, one wonders the need for such heavy ordnance for somebody like Batman- a person who is typically open about his disgust of guns. Having multiple cannons feels a little contrary to his character, not to mention overkill-no pun intended. Unless, they are loaded with rubber bullets perhaps? Honest.

Will Ben Affleck reenact this scene in ‘Justice League’?

Justice League hits theaters November 17,2017.

Eric Lee

Eric Lee

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