Live Reading of a Little Known Batman Short Story Written by Stephen King

Live Reading of A Stephen King Batman Short Story! Dark Knight News

Recently, NPR started a new Soundcloud account to feature a new serial podcast called Selected Shorts. Their first episode aired two weeks ago and has mostly gone under the radar, which is a surprise considering the guest star was none other than Stephen Lang (actor best known for Avatar, Public Enemies)! Stephen stopped by to chat and surprised everyone when he read an unknown Batman short story, in its entirety, written by the great Stephen King!

Apparently, the short story originally appeared in a 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, but is still fairly unknown to the mass public. For those who don’t have a copy of that issue hidden away in their storage closet, you can listen to the story here (starts at the 5:30 mark)!

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell has been a fan of the caped crusader since before he could speak. When he's not reading Batman/Detective Comics, Joshua writes his own novels and graphic novels, including The Fierce Are Fading. His work can be found at