The Many Faces of the Joker


How much can a character change over the course of 75 years? Well, created an infographic to show us! Here, we see the variety and evolution of one of Gotham’s deadliest rogues – The Joker!

Check out this beautiful infographic and let us know which iteration of Joker is your favorite:


John Hagmann

John Hagmann

John Hagmann is a Staff Writer at Dark Knight News, specializing in writing comic book reviews of team-up titles. John collects Silver and Bronze Age 'Justice League' and 'Batman' titles, as well as anything Classic TV Batman. During the last fifteen years, John has devoted his life to service through the local church working in Youth, Family, and Culture. In addition to his work and writing, John is a full-time graduate student and will earn his Master of Divinity in 2017. John resides in Houston with his wife and three small kids.