NECA 18″ Batman Figure gets a Custom Cape

For those of you who have purchased the Neca 18 inch Batman Figure, its an imposing, well defined, and detailed adult collector. I brought one myself a few weeks back, however the one component to the figure that is questionable is the cape. Its good enough, but there is something missing. I personally couldn’t put my finger on it when I reviewed the figure after having brought it. Then I came across this.

Tony Mei has designed a custom cape for the Neca Batman figure and he has made a dramatic difference in how the figure looks. The new cape he has designed allows us to draw distinct parallels with the 1989 motion picture and defines realism extremely well.

To be able to see a before and after affect of what the figure looks like and compare the two capes the images below will be able to articulate the difference.

Cape comparison 1
Original Cape – Left custom Cape – right










Cape comparison 2
Notice the difference in the cape design










cape comparison 3
The view from the back is noticeable for those hard core merchandise fans.










Watch the video review here

If you are interested in purchasing the cape Tony can be contacted on his email address: [email protected]

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