One of the coolest portrayal of Huntress live action will be returning on Arrow. Click the jump to see more.


Executive producer, Greg Berlanti states that Huntress will be returning to Arrow very soon. He states this about the character:

“She’s going to come back. We’re just writing that episode right now. We like to think of her as the crazy ex-girlfriend. So if you can only imagine the turns…her mission isn’t done or complete yet. She wanted to kill her Dad and he’s still alive.”

That’s a nice touch, you have to think of her a crazy ex-girlfriend? She deserves so much more than the crazy ex-girlfriend routine but you know what we can accept it.  Eh. If the shoe fits and it does, why not exploit it for all it’s worth. For the most part, this is the best portrayal of the character in live action.

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Source- TV Fanatic