Darkseid Set To Make Big Screen Debut?

If Warner Bros is looking to go toe to toe with Marvel’s Avengers 2 and its Mad Titan then they might want to fight with one of it’s big guns as well and with this latest rumor they might be doing exactly that.  Darkseid, one of Superman’s most heaviest hitters is rumored by Latino Review to be the titular role of the main villain in 2015’s Justice League.  This might make sense since the recent battle in court was setled over who owned rights with Superman characters, and motive enough for characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman to band together.  Now we’ve seen Batman go up against a pretty extensive Rouges Gallery over the year in film but nothing like this, a character somewhat grounded in reality in most incarnations go up against something galatic, someone with enough brass to step to Superman on his very best day.  IF this rumor is true, it will be very interesting to see Batman go up against him.  What do you guys think of this rumor?  How would you think this will play out with someone like Batman in the mix?


Source: Collider