Heath Ledger made a memorable and phenomenal this generation’s Joker, but could he have made a decent Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy? Click the jump to see.

The Joker is one character that many actors want to play, hell even girls want to play him on screen. This generation’s Joker was played by Heath Ledger who did a phenomenal job at portraying the character. More or less, no one really thought that Ledger could have pulled it off back in 2008 as The Joker. But, here’s something for you to nibble on, could Heath Ledger have made a good Batman?

Hit Fix did an interview with Christopher Nolan on his 8 year run on Batman, and he stated that Ledger would have been this generation’s Batman/Bruce Wayne than The Joker. Here’s what was revealed:

 As discussion moved to 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” naturally the work of Heath Ledger as the Joker was at the forefront. Nolan had met with Ledger early on when he was putting together “Batman Begins” because he was meeting with most young actors in Hollywood at the time. And Ledger politely explained to the director why he would never be involved in a comic book film. Nevertheless, Nolan presented his goals to the actor, then set out to make the film.

The idea of “The Dark Knight” was to follow through on the realism of “Batman Begins.” In so many words, who would the character of the Joker be, seen through the prism of that film? It wasn’t an obvious answer for Nolan, and that kept it interesting.

Eventually Nolan met with Ledger again, this time for the specific role of the Joker. Ledger had seen Nolan do what he set out to do with “Batman Begins” and the interest was finally there, but they didn’t have a script yet. Nolan’s brother Jonathan was working on it, but they knew what they wanted out of the role. And Ledger seemed to be game.

Whoa! The possibility of Ledger being Batman is mind boggling. Could he have actually made a good Batman? I wouldn’t know, I doubted his performance as The Joker but maybe just maybe he could have pulled it off.

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Source- Hit Fix