With October coming around the corner, Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) and Greg Capullo (artist of Batman) will be featuring the Joker in the Batman. One of most asked questions is this: “Is the new Joker like Heath Ledger’s Joker?” Greg Capullo held an interview with Comic Book Resources and stated this:

To be honest with you, I think one of the things that has served me best is having not looked at comics for a while. I didn’t come in with a lot of previous images on hand, and the movie never crossed my mind. So what’s coming out of me is just my feelings as a guy who grew up on the same planet as everybody else and has been exposed to this stuff. Whatever I’m bringing is just coming from my gut. I’m just drawing upon the well that’s inside me. [Pause] That’s kind of scary, right? [Laughter]

Speaking of scary, the new Batman story arc “Death of a Family” is starting to sound like a horror story arc. What makes this story arc seem so horrific?

It takes on a horror element just because his face has been torn off. His new face has this makeshift element where he’s holding it on. In that respect, a lot of people have heard me say that it’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Joker,” and they go, “Ohhhh, it’s going to be a horror thing.” But the story really isn’t so much “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as it is a psychological terror. That’s what we’ve all come to expect from a Joker story. The essence of the Joker has not changed. It’s amped up in the fact that he’s become hands on a bit more in this, which speaks to the level of anger he has. If you want a job done right, you do it yourself. And so we’re seeing Joker act at a level that he never has in the past. In that respect, it does have some horror elements to it, but it’s still a cool Joker that scares your mind more than anything.

Capullo addresses more in this tell all interview, if you would like to know more. Click on the CBR link found as the source down below. He talks more about “Night of the Owls” and Batman #15 cover art that was released recently.

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Source- CBR