Dark Knight News: Dark Knight Rises Special

It’s HERE! The Dark Knight Rises finally arrived last Thursday and we couldn’t be happier. What an amazing send off to one of the best film trilogies of all time. However, it’s far from perfect and I try to point out alot of it’s faults in this episode. Please while listening do not think I dislike the film, I’m just breaking it down and pointing out the flaws. I’ve seen it two times now and enjoyed it even more the second viewing. So enjoy as Krissy, Ryan, Ben and I talk about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

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  • Cody

    OMG!!!! Matt u read my mind on batman not being in the justice league. I personally think Batman is too realistic and if you look at everyone else in the justice league they have some kind of superpower and its hard for me to wrap my mind around him being in that universe.

  • elgaucho

    I’m going to have to disagree with the interpretations of what happens to Bruce in the end that some of you expressed. The whole reason Bruce shows up at the same cafe in Florence that Alfred was talking about in the beginning of the movie is to show Alfred that “he had made it”. Alfred never wanted Bruce to come back to Gotham because all there was for him in Gotham was pain and tragedy. Bruce has moved on. He no longer needs the Batman. Remember, the whole point is that Batman can be anybody. He makes a point of saying this to Blake while mentoring him. Bale is quoted as saying “how long do you let pain dominate your life”. The existence of Batman for Bruce is a constant reminder of the guilt and pain he feels over the death of his parents, losing Rachel and Harvey’s death. He has finally let go of that guilt and anger, therefore he no longer needs Batman.

    • Kristina


    • Adam Prince

      Wow ! well said elgaucho .

    • knix24

      i agree, Bruce cant come back as Batman, that would ruin the triology, everything Rachel and Alfred said would be right, he would continue his obsession and have learned nothing. There would never be a day when he didnt “need batman”. It’d be awful if Bruce came back as Batman in my opinion. John Blake should probably just be Nightwing, maybe take over as Batman, but like you guys said he does need some training.

      • how can he do that with absolutely no combat training? it took bruce 7 years to become batman physically. so some cop is just gonna be batman or night wing now? he’d be dead on the first night…

        • h4v0k_528491

          I am sure he can learn from different people. He doesnt have to jump abruptly but get all his training he got from people and then become nightwing.

    • h4v0k_528491


    • h4v0k_528491

      “Every year I took a holiday. I went to Florence. There’s this cafe on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening I would sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy that I would look across the tables and I would see you there with a wife, maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn’t say anything to me, nor me to you. But we’d both know that you’d make it. That you were happy.”

  • Flesh Eater

    I think Bruce Wayne would not return to Gotham and the Batman will never come back. He’s legend now. It’s Robin or Nightwing on his own.

    • h4v0k_528491

      Agreed. Bruce just showed up t the cafe just to say i made it and I am happy. And Selina got her clean slate she wanted.

  • h4v0k_528491

    My order (#1 is the best)
    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. Batman Begins- The Dark Knight (tied) 

    Finally 3 amazing movies where they don’t slip

         Personally I liked Bane equally to the Joker. I loved Bane’s origin. 

        Selina Kyle was my favorite and Anne Hathaway was flawless in every scene she was in the film. Anne Hathaway was perfect because ever since she was little she wanted to play this character so she knew what this character stood for early on.                    

    I liked the mixture of the 1st and second film in the 3rd movie.

     I caught the alligator Easter egg the first time and I think Nolan just did that for the fans. 

    I didnt like Bane’s voice redubbing in the prologue. His voice was fine before in my opinion.

    I was so happy when they did the iconic Bane move.

    John Blake was basically Robin in the whole movie if you think about it. He just had no costume.

    I liked all the fight scenes in this film. 

    I liked how they handled Ras Al Ghul coming back being  immortal, not in flesh, but fear will find you is what it is.  I loved that scene.

    I think it was an up close of Selina with Dagget to show people her serrated heels that is basically a knife.

    I dont mind they didnt mention the Joker in my opinion. I think they didnt mention it to avoid controversey because some people could find that questionable.

    If they didnt do the leg brace for Bruce it would be impossible to fight because if you have no cartilage it would be impossible to use your leg. 

    Robin was his real name
    ( his legal name)

    I think Robin is going to be either the new Batman or Nightwing.

    I think 50/50 if Bruce will come back because John Blake can train himself and go to other people. I think Bruce showed up at the same cafe where Alfred goes just to say that he made it and thats it and Selina got her clean slate she wanted; and Bruce and Selina can just settle down together.

    I think Batman was angry when he said “Where’s the trigger?”

    I thought Talias death scene was funny when she dies abruptly after she said “My father’s work is done”. I thought Talia was handled perfectly.

    I definitely knew she was Talia at the beginning where she said something like ‘I want to return balance to Gotham’.

    I thought Bane and Talia relationship didnt weaken Bane in my opinion. I felt sorry for Bane and especially that music in the background during that scene.

    Bane doesnt care what gender you are and he would still kill you.

    Bane’s death didnt really bother people. I think Selina shot that bullet she used the same for the barricade and you can’t come back from that.

    I would want to continue this with John Blake personally but it has to be given to the right person(maybe Chris brother as director)

    If they decide to reboot it instead I would want it to simalar to the Arkham games. I would want Harley Quinn in a movie. 

    I agree with Matt. I would want Batman seperate and then just do Justice League with the other characters.

    I think the prison could be a metaphor to the lazarus pit because an actual one wouldnt fit.

    They need to do something for the trilogy and they all deserve rewards.

    I was ok with the whole John Blake knowing who Batman was story.

    I dont think its fair to like The Dark Knight better just because of the Joker-I will only think it was fair if the Joker was in all 3 movies. 

    I thought Batman died at first. I wouldnt mind if Chris Nolan did. 

    That would have been cool if Crane used fear toxin as a punishment.

    Well Marion Cottilard couldnt fight because she just gave birth and she was in no condition in for physical activity.

    Well the only way to stop Bane is to kill him and you know its not gonna be Batman to do that. So it makes sense it was Catwoman.

    I think Selina Kyle is definitely done. She wanted a clean slate so why would she backtrack and have bad rep. again. 

  • More villains i would like to see if they continue this series would be:

    Black mask
    dead shot
    hugo strange
    killer croc
    red hood (jason todd)

  • and the plan was to take the bomb to fox so he could disarm it, they didn’t know she had overridden the flood controls. so batman didn’t know until he talked to her that he had to fly away with the bomb

  • another thing that needs to be mentioned, its the Batman: Gotham Knight is part of this universe. it bridges together batman begins and the dark knight, so if anyone has not seen that, i highly recommend you see it.

  • Why is the guy that dresses up as Batman not on the podcast? (aka Adam) I’m sure he had tons to say about the movie! Bring back ADAM!

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  • harvey dental floss

    1 thing is bothering me when ‘bruce/batman/ escaped that prison pit.. i recall him throwing down the rope, now if he did indeed do that he was letting all the thieves rapist murderers go that were jailed there for some good reason go, even know some help him along the way to escape the pit. the irony of him making that decison makes u question it.

  • Sands123

    Great Podcast i wanted them to talk about Bane, because toward the end my view on Bane change he didn’t look like such an evil guy. I do think they should continue the franchise with John Blake make him Nightwing, he doesn’t have to be Batman. If they want they can fast forward to 4 years or something like that just enough time for him develop the skill he needs to fight to multiple people.