Since TDKR Massacre, security is beefing up on the safety. It is not only in the United States, security is also increasing internationally. Here’s what National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) addressed about security:

“On behalf of all the members and staff of the National Association of Theatre Owners, our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this despicable act and their families. We are grateful for the quick and effective response by police and emergency personnel. Guest safety is, and will continue to be a priority for theater owners. NATO members are working closely with local law enforcement agencies and reviewing security procedures.”

Now, I cannot speak for other states or countries. What I do know is that in New York City is that there will be undercover security personnel in watching people who are watching the movie. AMC Theaters will be taking extra precaution with security measures. This may not be the same for all theaters alike, but I am sure other theaters will be taking the same precautions. At least, these theaters are making increases in security for moviegoers to feel safer.



  • tufy

    Kristina which theatre did you see TDKR at?

    • Kristina

      New Rochelle. lol. I’m seeing it again near my home w/ my little cousins and their friends.

      • tufy

        Nice! New Roc and The Palisades are the best places. Don’t see TDKR at a Dome theatre it looks weird and distorted.

        • Kristina

          LOL! The dome is just wrong lol!