Since I am in New York City, my city’s commissioner is Ray Kelly. As I am watching television right now, Comm. Kelly stated that James Holmes called himself, The Joker. He had his hair dyed red dressed in a black SWAT suit carrying an AK-47 along with a smoke grenade, a hand gun, and a shot gun. Apparently, Holmes was trying to reenact the Joker from The Dark Knight or some other version of the Joker portrayed in either comics or some other form. What is for certain, movie theaters will now have tighter security so there is no copy cat attack.

Comment below about your reaction to the massacre. See related posts for more on the massacre.

Stay tuned for more on this massacre to find out more about his reasons for shooting during The Dark Knight Rises midnight show.

Source- CBS


  • h4v0k_528491

    This is just scary. People just wanted to watch a movie and he didnt even care that kids were there. I wouldnt be surprised if this would be the reason to ban costumes. My condolences goes out to the families ofthe victims.

  • The Joker? The Joker would never stoop so low.

  • Geoffrey

    Just looking at the grin on his face makes me sick to my stomach! I wish Batman were real. He would have easily taken this scumbag down & brought him to justice!

  • People should not use his name, and make him some sort of celebrity. Just call him what he is. A scum bag

  • Batmite

    Mr. Holmes, you have my permission to die