If you’re reading this, please don’t be misguided. Tom Hardy stated with MTV that he took one look at Bane’s character and just said “They’ve must have got the wrong man. I can’t…I can’t play that.” Of course, for some time now many people have felt indifferent about Tom Hardy playing as Bane since the character is Latino, huge, and has venom. Many were disappointed with Christopher Nolan’s version of Bane and his choice of actor, Tom Hardy, who is from London (United Kingdom) and is shorter than Christian Bale. Many cringed at the thought of “How the hell is this going to work? He’s short, no venom, and he’s English. What the hell Nolan…what the hell!” See Hardy’s reaction down below in the MTV clip.

For a while now, everyone has been saying to trust Nolan. We all have at this point with the movie now out in theaters, we can now answer this…”Who would have played Bane if it wasn’t Tom Hardy?” Do you even like how Bane is portrayed in the movie? Is Bane our Batman version of Darth Vader? Was Hardy’s portrayal of the character good enough or should it have been more gruesome? Comment below.

Source- MTV 



  • B

    I thought Bane, in the comics, was half latino, half british… in that case, not too far off.

  • h4v0k_528491

    People that were complaining about Bane not being Latino is stupid. Bane mother was Latino and his dad was British (or other way around). In Nolan’s version he is also mixed and Bane has a accent. I loved Tom Hardy as Bane and he was perfect. Personally I thoughy his character Bane was better than the Joker

    • biggen

      I think Nolan is is a piece of shit for destroying the dc name, and banes image, rot in hell nolan

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    I don’t mind that he wasn’t Latino, but I wish they would have kept his Caribbean heritage backstory instead of having him be in a prison in Northern Africa or wherever that was supposed to be. I liked Bame as a character in this film, but I hated his backstory. They should have stuck to the comics.

  • the only reason TH got the role is because he is part of the Nolan crew… personally I think he was not suited for the role… all the movie there are no facial expressions and his voice is overdubbed anyways so basically any other not well known actor should’ve played him… I would rather go for a bulkier/taller actor than this choice, but the final project it didn’t matter…