If you’ve been reading The New 52’s Teen Titans, you would know who this guy is…it’s Brett “freakin” Booth! Now, I haven’t read much of Teen Titans as of late, but I will by this weekend. Booth is just a phenomenal artist because he really captures the coolness and the awesomeness of the characters. I mean the designs he creates are just so dark bringing out an epic appeal of the character from different angles. Now, why would I want to do a community spotlight on Brett Booth?  Hmm…good question, it’s because he’s done the villain designs for Nightwing and Batgirl. Both characters are getting raves. In Nightwing, Paragon is the main villain who seeks to perfect Gotham City from its false saviors whom the city has called heroes. In Batgirl, Knightfall is the main villain who seeks to become the savior of Gotham by punishing criminals severely. Both villains look good in both comic books, but Booth made them look great from his sketches on his blog.  From left to right is Paragon, Knightfall, and one of Paragon’s followers.



I asked Booth on Twitter what references he took to make both villains. He stated that for Paragon, Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing) wanted Paragon to have Neo’s mentor, Morpheus from the Matrix, long cloaked costume. For Knightfall, Gail Simone (writer from Secret Six, Birds of Prey, and The New 52’s Batgirl) wanted a dark knight savior approach with a long cloak. Booth did not tell me much more, but I can say that Paragon looks like he was referenced from Morpheus and Tron Legacy. His helmet and weaponry resembles the movie’s character costume from Tron Legacy. Knightfall looks like a fallen Joan of Arc as if Joan was to go psychotically evil on the world by saving in the most demonic way. I love both characters, but I favorite Paragon more. Even Paragon’s followers look awesome too. He also designs for other comics such as Blue Beetle. Booth is also a penciller, artist, and colorist. The man is the whole package in one! I wish he would do Birds of PreyRed Hood and the Outlaws, or Batman & Robin. I would love to see his portrayal of Red Hood Hood and the Outlaws,  and . I would love to see his portrayal of Red Hood and Damian. Well, Damian as Robin is down below. Check it out!

Comment below about what you think of Paragon and Knightfall. Do you like Brett Booth’s work? There are more sketches by Booth down below.  Which comic book would you like to Booth to illustrate?

Source- Brett Booth’s blog