Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stopped by last night to talk about The Dark Knight Rises with Jimmy Fallon After Gordon-Levitt came out to the Batman TV show theme song, Fallon said, “Congrats on this thing. This Dark Knight Rises thing is just the biggest thing ever.” Gordon-Levitt said, “I’m so excited man. It’s just an honor to be a part of it. It’s such a good movie to. I really like it.

 Then, Fallon asked, “You went to Comic-Con, just got back from Comic-Con, which is like every Batman freak would go there.” Gordon-Levitt interrupted, “There’s like a 100,000 people there all dressed up like Jedi’s and you know.

Fallon continued, “They love it. They live for that. But the thing I thought was funny was you didn’t go there for Batman, you went for another movie.” Gordon-Levitt replied, “Batman doesn’t need to promote itself at Comic-Con.

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