Treat Confirmed To Premiere With Rises

Well is it safe to say that this will be the first time you’ll see these two iconic figures on the big screen at the same time?  Well kinda at least.  According to a french news site Allocine, the first teaser for Man of Steel is confirmed to premiere in front of The Dark Knight Rises, and you will only be able to see it in front of Rises for the time being as it will not be available online for a while.  They also state that it will only play in the U.S and France.  So, does this make you even more excited to see Rises now?  Sound off in the comments.


Source: Allocine

  • Ryan Aka BAT

    no canada? :O

  • Mister Wayne

    I hope I get to see it with the Nolan Bat marathon next week!

  • Geoffrey

    hmm…let’s see…what’s the word i’m looking for?…oh! I got it…YES!!!

    This will make the TDKR viewing experience all the more AWESOME!!!



    • Calm down. Caaaaaalm down

      • Geoffrey

        @Daniel Caller:

        Sorry. lol It’s getting harder & harder over here to contain my excitement!


  • Just no love for Ireland. I bet its the whole ‘Superman does not like green’ thing 😉 I will not shed too many tears as I take my seat at 5am Friday 20th (yeah…they synced us with the US, first time that has happened, usually get 00.01 showings!)