Dark Knight Rises 13 Min Featurette Video


Wow this 13 minute featurette that shows ton of locations, new shots, characters and more! This movie looks incredible!

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    it’s so amazing that they build these full set and film i nthem like so. I love these designers.and writers for making this so amazing.

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    Are you on this going to talk about this feature on the next podcast? there are many good scenes to discuss, especially about Bane bullet proof clothing and such. good things! very good.

    • Kristina

      We are doing the podcast now.

      • that shot of bruce in the bat suit with out the mask on sitting at the computer is awesome

  • Geoffrey

    Breathtaking!! I’m speechless!

    Thanks for sharing this! Really looking forward to the new podcast! 🙂

    THE FIRE RISES…next FRIDAY!!! omg…omg…*gulp*

  • Geoffrey

    “How much longer can he allow this pain to control what he does with his life?”

    That is such a powerful question!

    I have a feeling this film will be extremely emotional in addition to being intensely hardcore!

    I don’t think any of us…ALL of us…are ready for what’s going to take place in this film. It’s going to hit us so hard, that we’re going to be feeling the impact for the rest of our lives!


    basara, basara…Deshi basara, basara…

  • I feel honored just to be a live to see this masterpiece and we have 12 days to go!