Variety released an article stating that Warner Bros. will be opening more screens overseas.  This will increase the revenue for The Dark Knight Rises. The predication is that the movie will hold the fourth spot domestically in the United States as one of the highest grossing films. Internationally, the movie may trump behind The Avengers sitting at the thirty fifth spot overseas. It is believed that Batman is not popular enough overseas as he is in the United States. The Dark Knight Rises may not make up to $840 million like The Avengers. 

What is even better is that China will be showing the movie. This a plus for the movie, but the country favors Iron Man.  So can The Dark Knight Rises still have a light at the end of the tunnel? Or will The Avengers stand tall in the end? Comment below or on DKN Facebook.

Source- Variety 


  • just went to this website and if you click adjusted for inflation, the avengers only beat the dark knight domestically with 20 million. and it took 5 films to build up to the avengers, when the dark knight only took one, so i think there is still a very strong chance tdkr can come out on top.

  • Frankly, I don’t give a damn about box office. As long as the movie is good and I like it. My brain is the box office and endorphins are the ticket sales . Or something.

  • h4v0k_528491

    I dont think money has to do with how good a movie is

  • Geoffrey

    Why is there such a need for one movie to make more money than another movie?

    I don’t get it. If you’re a hardcore Batman fan, all you really care about is this film. Those who troll, bash, harshly criticize & love the Avengers film so much, they’re the ones who REALLY care about box office numbers & movie rankings. A lot of folks like that, not all, but a lot, are very insecure for whatever reason. They have this insatiable urge to brag. And as a result, they end up being very unpleasant individuals to be around.

    I saw the Avengers. It was fun & entertaining. It was a good climax of what the previous Marvel Studio films were building up to.

    But the fire has, will & forever rise with me when it comes to Batman! As a comic book fan, Batman remains my supreme, #1, all time favorite.

    The most anticipated comic book film…hell, the biggest film of the year overall, in my honest opinion, is still, The Dark Knight Rises!

    Here is my own personal rating scale of the comic book movies this year…

    The Avengers = Fun!

    The Amazing Spider-Man = well…amazing! lol

    The Dark Knight Rises = Life changing, frequent mind blowing, non stop jaw dropping, constant eyebrow raising, emotionally stirring, tear jerking, earth shatteringly FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

    Nuff said! lol

    Fellow Batman fans, have no fear. We’re getting yet another brilliant Batman film! And once the fire is through rising…we’ll be left with a Dark Knight trilogy that will NEVER be rivaled!

    “Its not about the money…it’s about sending a message.” – The Joker