John Blake has been one of TDKR’s mystery characters however, what we know about him is that he is a police officer of Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). Now, some believe that he is just a regular cop in the movie and others think that he could be Azrael who will take up the mantle of being Batman. In any case, there have been very few updates about who he is and what his role will be in movie until now. Below is John Blake’s Performance Review by GCPD. What you will find is that Blake is pretty much a well rounded cop scoring high in his physical performance areas and his approach to solving things. However, he scores mediocre when it comes to team work and communication. Hmmm…the man is a loner. This could be vigilante hints, this could be Azrael…hmmm.

Well, I know that some of you will agree and others will debate about how Blake is just a plain ole cop character. What do you think after reading the review? Comment below or on DKN Facebook.

Source- DewGothamCity