The Gotham Observer is the newspaper covering most of Gotham’s activity from elections to what is happening in the streets. However, there is something strange going on in some parts of Gotham and we have the confidential emails of the reporters, staff editors, and lawyers of the Gotham Observer who are noticing that there is something not quite right going on in Gotham.

The emails below are covering a piece about a man named John Daggett who works for Wayne Enterprises and some how Daggett has a whole lot of influence and power in Gotham. Daggett is such a high profile guy that the U.S. government is tracking him. So, the federal goverment does care about Gotham what a delight! It seems that Daggett is not the only one who is being suspected by Gotham Observer, Miranda Tate is sparking up some unusual arched eye brows too. DKN peer editor, Stephen, also  suspects Tate in his article, ” Is Marion Cotillard Saying Something More?” Is Tate a genuine good guy or is she subtly ripping Gotham a new one from the inside out? Also, what is up with the Mayor? Is he only catering to the cries and whims of the Gotham elite who are complaining about missing jewelry? And is it wise for the Mayor to send out all of GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) after this burglar?

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Source- DewGothamCity