TheBatman/Judge Dredd Collection Coming Soon

DC Comics yesterday announced that coming this December DC Comics and 2000 AD will be publishing the originally released issues of The Batman/Judge Dredd collection that ran between 1991 and 1998 . As I kept reading I didn’t realize there were so many people involved or the fact that this crossover even happened . I will be definitely getting my hands on this .











There is more info to come but until we have more for you check DC Comics for what they have gave .

Source – DC Comics

– Adam



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  • Great news! I have not read many Batman comics (though I am currently following the ‘Batman/Owls’ series) but being a Judge Dredd and Batman fan I did read these back in the day. Dredd is his usual brutal self, but its the dark humour between the two of them that really makes these shine. Highly recommend and I will happily buy again. On a side note I am sure the timing of this has little to do with TDKR coming out in July and the new Judge Dredd movie (starring Karl Urban) due to be released in September 😉

    • Adam Prince

      Yeah Judge Dredd movie coming and this is happening what are the odds .