Review: Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4

“Dreams Die”
Writer: Nicole Maines
Artists: Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Becca Carey
Review by Philip Clark

We get another finale this month, as Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 hits the shelves. After the previous issue’s cliffhanger, Dreamer’s been taken captive by her former teammates and is on her way to face Waller’s wrath. Can she escape in time?

A Dreamer’s Dream

Still reeling from her visions from the first issue, Dreamer’s been gunning for Waller after her home was left in ruins. Amanda, however, as we all know, isn’t a person who will go down without a fight.

While I’ve really enjoyed this series, this run still feels somewhat… unfinished; like there’s something more to the story that needs to be told (although I know that Absolute Power will be answering a ton of questions about both Nia Nal and Amanda Waller).

With this miniseries, though, I feel that some of the characters needed more time on the page; Black Alice and Clock King in particular had more to add to this story than just the parts they appeared in. This is always the case with ensemble crews like the Suicide Squad, particularly when they don’t have their own ongoing title.

I really hope that we get a return to these characters very soon outside of Absolute Power, hopefully with the same creative team behind them.


I really enjoyed this short run, although I wish there were a little more to it. Maines does a very good job at giving us both a complete story, and a teaser of these characters, and she’s co-writing Absolute Power: Ground Zero. Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 wraps things up nicely in this arc while still leaving the door open to Dreamer’s return.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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