Glen Powell Has a ‘Wild Take On Batman’

Actor Glen Powell claims that he has a ‘wild take on Batman’ that differs from Robert Pattinson’s.

While the actor’s not reportedly in line for the role, Powell has thought of what his version of Batman would be like in an interview with GQ.

I was always a Batman guy. I would have a wild take on Batman. It definitely would not be like a Matt Reeves tone – it’d probably be closer to Keaton.’

Powell’s interview took place around the different sites of the Warner Bros. Back Lot tour. The tour took a turn when he walked across the hall of different Batmobiles, which prompted him into talking about Batman. When he saw the one from Michael Keaton’s Batman and Batman Returns, Powell elicited an excited:

Oh, sick! See? This is the era.”

Powell is a rising star in Hollywood, having major roles in Top Gun: Maverick and the rom-com Anything But You. However, one of his first appearances was actually in The Dark Knight Rises. In that film, he plays a sleazy young investment banker who gets throttled by Bane.


I get my head smashed in by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Hey, that appearance might have been minor, but Powell had a few lines, and to get the honor of being beaten by Bane is huge. That is awesome of an actor who was only 21 years old at the time.

Can Glen Powell Be Batman?

A Glen Powell Batman could be interesting. The actor’s now 35- years old, which seems age-appropriate to play the Dark Knight. Can you imagine what his take could be like if he was cast in The Brave and the Bold? How would potentially play off of Damian Wayne’s brooding Robin? Powell seems to have the proper gravitas to do that.


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