Cancelled ‘Dark Knight’ Game Footage Surfaces

Video game footage based on The Dark Knight has appeared online.

Apparently, Monolith Productions was developing a video game based on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, although, ultimately, the project was canceled. According to X (formerly Twitter) user @SpideyRanger, Monolith Productions developed the game in 2010 with the code name Project: Apollo. The timeline and graphics of the gameplay footage suggest that it was intended for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

It was set to be an open-world game, similar to the Arkham City and Knight titles. It also utilized similar combat mechanics and random crime side quest missions, also like Arkham City. The biggest difference between the Dark Knight game and the game that came out would have been the Nemesis system, one that actually has enemies and villains who retain the memories from your previous encounters.

‘The Dark Knight’ Game Cancelled

Monolith reportedly developed the game for 18 months before it was scrapped and there are multiple potential reasons behind the cancellation. One was that it never got Christopher Nolan’s support as, apparently, the developers made many attempts to contact Nolan to collaborate on the game, but the writer/director/producer never returned any emails or voice messages.

Additionally, the similarities between it and the concurrently developing Arkham City may have also been reasons why the project ultimately fizzled out.

However, Monolith was able to integrate the Nemesis System into Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. Both games went on to become high-selling and critically acclaimed titles. So, fortunately, it seems like it worked out after all.

Additionally, Monolith is reportedly also making a Wonder Woman video game which will also use the Nemesis System. Now that would be super interesting to see.


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