LEGO Unleashes Massive ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Gotham City Set

LEGO unveiled a Gotham City diorama set based on Batman: The Animated Series.

The toy company unveiled this absolutely monstrous set that depicts the Gotham City skyline in that wonderful BTAS art deco form. It boasts of over 4200 pieces. It also comes with four mini figures: Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and the Joker.

See All of Gotham City in LEGO

The Gotham diorama is interesting. It is not in-scale to their mini figures. However, it lays out a miniature version of Gotham and highlights the biggest landmarks. Fans can pursue Arkham Asylum, amusement row with the Joker’s hideouts, Wayne Manor and the Batcave underneath it, Gotham Police Department, City Hall, and the local greenhouse where Poison Ivy is for sure to hangout.

What elevates the set is how you can open up the little buildings to reveal fun, tiny events. Like, you can open up Arkham to reveal it’s captives: Baby Doll, Bane, the Ventriloquist, the Penguin, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, and- the most surprising of them all- Lockup. Lockup! Now there is a villain that does not get enough love. Even Baby Doll starred in two episodes.

There are way more hidden surprises. You can check out the video that LEGO released to see them all.


Additionally, the background is littered with visual easters eggs from BTAS, like the Bat-signal, the Batwing, the customary red skies, and- of course- a lot of Police zeppelins. One makes you wonder why the GCPD invests so much of their resources in those slow-moving, potentially-explosive contraptions.

The set is essentially a flat display. But you are also able to hang it up on your wall. The Gotham City set will be released on April 4, 2024 for a cool $300 USD. You can buy the set a few days earlier if you sign up for LEGO’s Insider Early Access.


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