Review: Titans #8

“The Dark Winged Queen” – Part One
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Steven Segovia
Color Artist: Annette Kwok
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

The “Beast World” crisis is over, but the Titans’ problems are just getting started. What new foes await the team, in Titans #8?

Daddy, Dead, and Demon

Now, hopefully enough time has passed that I can talk about “Beast World” without it being a spoiler, and more like common knowledge. If you haven’t followed the sensational event, then please look away, as Spoilers are coming! 

Raven was Doctor Hate, or at least her Demon Soul Self was. Somehow she had escaped the gem in which she’d been imprisoned, and at some point during “Knight Terrors”, got her sinister mitts on the Nightmare stone. So, she’s already a massive threat and, along with her very powerful Demon daddy, is planning to do some real damage.

Can’t wait for that… The Poor team.

U.S.Amanda Waller
The next problems are the ever-helpful Amanda Waller and the United States Government. When someone takes a weapon out of the hands of a US citizen, there’s an outcry. When a team of superheroes takes away control of a bunch of military weapons and vehicles, well… let’s just say that there’s going to be some trouble.

As per all truth and facts regarding politics, TV shows where a discussion turns into insults and $#!+’s being flung are always going to sway public opinion. The target of this particular instance is Garfield Logan, AKA Beast Boy, who’s now returned to his normal self, missing only the memories of what happened during the Beast World saga.

It feels like he and the Titans are being painted out as the real villains of the event and, in typical comic book (and real-life) fashion, the world knows no better. This really gives us the reader a perspective of pain for these characters, as we know the truth. This, as always, is really phenomenal writing from Taylor. I’m excited to see how much pain he can cause us moving forward.


Titans #8 delivers the aftermath of a huge event, taking us towards the next threat, so is a great jumping-on point for new readers. It’s a well-written continuation, too. Nothing felt stale at all, because all is fresh when it comes to Tom Taylor!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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